Quality and courtesy above all

My top priorities are delivering very high quality work, respecting my deadlines and making sure my clients are happy with the results. My business is built on word-of-mouth referrals and my clients have been happy to recommend me, year after year.

My services

While each project is unique, many follow these steps:

  • First contact by email or phone
  • Translation document sent by the client for an estimate (translation is priced by the word)
  • Briefing by the client on the editing or copywriting job (services billed by the hour)
  • I submit a price estimate and suggest a deadline
  • Client approves the price and deadline (contract signature if desired)
  • Clarification of work-related details and client preferences
  • Production
  • Delivery within deadline
  • Client sends their comments and asks questions, if applicable
  • Document returned to the client with any necessary changes
  • Client approves the text
  • Final proofread and delivery